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Clinic Address:
UK Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kentucky Clinic, Wing C, D-138
740 S. Limestone Street
Lexington, KY 40536-0284
Appointments: (859) 257-3573


Administrative Offices:
Located at Cardinal Hill
2050 Versailles Rd
Lexington, KY 40504
Phone: (859) 257-4888 Fax: (859) 323-1123

Susan McDowell, M.D.
Department Chairperson for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Kevin Caudill

UK PM&R Department Administrator

Teresa Griffee

Administrative Support to Dr. Sawaki, Dr. Springer and Administrative Support to Department Administrator & Department Chair                        

Bobbie Smith

Administrative Support Associate I & Patient Care Coordinator to Dr. Stiles, Dr. Salles, and Heidi Beavan APRN

Madeline Flynn

Resident Coordinator, Administrative Support Associate I to Dr. Nickerson 

Andrea Granville

Administrative Support Associate I & Patient Care Coordinator to Dr. Klim, Dr. Schleenbaker, Dr. Bernert, Dr. Erlandson, Dr. Colyer and Administrative Receptionist

Ellinor Grimes CMA, PCP-A

Patient Relations Assistant III

Out-Patient Clinic
KY PM&R Clinic
740 S. Limestone Street Wing C, D-138 
***Referral is required by a licensed physician***
Appointments: (859) 257-3573

Sara Salles D.O.  Vice Chairperson, and Medical Director

Vicki Crawford, SRNA

Patient Care Coordinator


Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Out-Patient Clinic
***Appointments*** Phone: (859) 367-7141

Susan McDowell, M.D.
Department Chair
Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
Associate Professor

Erika Erlandson, M.D.
Stroke and Pulmonary
Assistant Professor

Sara Shahid Salles, D.O.
Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s Disorder, Neurorehabilitation and Pediatric Rehabilitation
Professor, and Vice Chairperson

Silke Bernert, M.D
Assistant Professor Traumatic Brain Injury Disorders of Consciousness
Neurocognitive Rehabilitation and Spasticity
Nancy Stiles, M.D.
Associate Professor

Robert Nickerson, M.D
Associate Professor
Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee

Jessica Colyer, M.D. 
Stroke and Pulmonary
Assistant Professor
Residency Program Director

Heidi Beavan, APRN
Nurse Practitioner


Division of Research Joe E. Springer, Ph.D. 
Vice Chairman Of Research and Cardinal Hill Endowerd Chair
Phone: (859) 257-4888 

Lumy Sawaki, Ph.D., M.D
Cardinal Hill Endowerd Research Scholar in Stroke & 
Spinal Cord InjuryRehabilitation Lab: (859) 323-6889

Cheryl Carrico

OT/Research Assistant

Elizabeth Salmon

Biomedical Engineer