Full Time Faculty

Susan McDowell, MD
 Associate Professor Department Chair
      Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services

Sara Salles, MD
 Professor, Vice Chairperson
Medical Director of Spinal Cord Unit at Cardinal Hill Hosptial

Jessica Colyer, MD

Assistant Professor
        Residency Program Director

Lumy Sawaki, MD, PhD
  Neurorehabiliation Endowed Chair
    Stroke and Spinal Cord Research

 Nancy Stiles, MD
   Associate Professor

Robert Nickerson, MD            

           Associate Professor
Chair Person of the Clinical Competency Committee

Jamie Key, DO
  Assistant Professor
Medical Director of Tramatic Brain Injury

Gerald Klim, DO
 Associate Professor
             Palliative Medicine & Tramatic Brain Injury

Randal Schleenbaker, MD
Associate Professor
General Rehabilitation

Dwan Perry, DO
   Assistant Professor
Sports Medicine
Medical Director of Outpatient PMR Clinic

Cecil T Hollen, DO 
Assistant Professor 
 Musculoskeletal and Electrodiagnostic Medicine
 Osteopathic Manipulation Treatments

Andrew Savoie, DO

Assistant Professor
Cancer Rehabilitation

Paula Ackerman, DO
       Assistant Professor
     Stroke Unit/Neurorehabilitation 

Justin Huber, MD

Assistant Professor