Courses, Visiting Students, and Observerships

UK PM&R offers a few different options for students who would like to gain clinical experience with our department.

Please note that due to COVID related changes in policy, we are limited in our availability and offers. Visit Team Kentucky for information about travel restrictions and KY specific COVID information. 

PM&R Course Offerings

RBM 850: Acting Internship in Rehabilitation Medicine (Inpatient) - year 4 elective or requirement, 4 weeks
                  Primary Location: Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital - Course Director: Dr. Sara Salles
RBM 851: Outpatient Rehabilitaiton Medicine (Outpatient) - year 4 elective, 4 weeks
                  Primary Location: Good Samaritan Hospital (UK) - Course Co-Directors: Drs. Cecil Hollen and Dwan Perry
MD 841:   Geriatric Clinical Elective - year 4 elective (UK students only), 4 weeks
                  Primary Location: Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital - Course Director: Dr. Nancy Stiles
MED 825: Geriatric Care - year 1 and 2, varies
                 Primary Location: Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital - Course Director: Dr. Nancy Stiles

Visiting Students

     UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, national guidelines for the 21-22 academic year have delayed the opening of VSAS until Apr. 15 and institutions can start accepting students May 1. Away rotations can now begin with Block 2 (start date 6/28/21).
     Additionally, AAMC has released the following: medical schools are encouraged to limit approved away rotations in any specialty to one per learner, except in cases where additional rotations are needed to complete graduation or accreditation requirements. To help outline this, here is a breakdown of this policy. 

  1. If you rotate with UK PM&R, you cannot do more than one rotation with our dept. (so you can’t do both outpatient and inpatient)
  2. If you rotate with UK PM&R, you cannot rotate in PM&R at any other institution
  3. If you rotate with UK PM&R, you CAN do another rotation in a different specialty at our institution (such as IM or Ortho, etc.)
    1. Reference #1 for other specialties as well

     For medical students outside of the University of Kentucky, courses are offered through the program VSAS. These courses will not only allow students to gain experience in PM&R, but also lend to specific first hand knowledge in UK's clinical settings, resident experiences, and patient demographics. We encourage all who are interested in rotating with us to apply! For more specific information, application processes, policies, and more visit the Visiting Students home page. 




*Please note, as of now UK is in Tier 3 operations due to COVID and cannot host observers at this time - latest update was 11/9/21. Updates will be posted as changes are made, more info on UK COVID Protocols can be found here
Students who have rotated with a PM&R department at another institution are able to do an observership with us (AAMC policy does not apply to our observerships). 

     Observerships are limited experiences that allow medical students to observe patients in either inpatient or outpatient settings for a non-graded experience; interactions or hands-on clinical work are not allowed. These are limited to 2-week durations and a limit of one observership per student to maximize the number of available opportunities. We accept both M3 and M4 students, with M4 students given priority. If you are interested in arranging an observership, please click the "apply here" button below (students can only access the form once). The department contact is Leslie Justice at should you have issues or questions regarding department specific policies. 

     In order to apply, you will need the following:

  • Your CV and medical school transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • What rotation dates you prefer (2-week maximum duration)
  • If you would prefer outpatient or inpatient experience

Please be sure to apply at least 4 weeks prior to your requested start date.

Apply Here

If you have more specific questions concerning observerships and related policies, please visit the Observation and Learning Experience office's webpage.

*Note: participation in any courses listed above or with our department does not increase the likelyhood of being offered an interveiw for our program.*