Interview Materials

For those of you who have been invited to interview, we are very excited to share with you the experiences that UK can offer, what our program is about, and more. Prior to your interview, you will need to review the items on this page and follow the directions sent in your welcome email. Be sure to explore other areas of our website to see what makes UK PM&R so great. 

UK – Who We Are

UK Overview Video                                PM&R Video


Below are links to 3 required forms that must be signed, dated, and returned prior to your interview day. Note there are two options: the first you can sign using an adobe digital signature (directions included), or you can physically print, sign, and scan back. You can respond to your welcome email with these or send them to
Note: if you use the digital signature option, you MUST follow the directions to get a time stamped signature. An example of a successful signature will appear as such:

Digital Signature with Adobe Example

Physical Signature

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3


Interview Day – What to Expect

For you interview day, your entire experience will be hosted in Thalamus and Zoom. Using the same login information, you will login to Thalamus and be able to see your schedule, links to the rooms per interview, and more. To be sure that you have all the essential items ready, we suggest the following: 

  • Ensure you camera and microphone are working properly
  • Note your interview times and breaks
  • Bring questions about the program, policies, sites, or whatever you would like to know more about. 
  • Read the Thalamus Directions document for details on the processes in Thalamus and interviewing.
  • All associate documents (faculty info sheet, schedule, UK Info sheet, etc.) will also arrive in the mail. 

Reach out to or call 859-323-8244 if you need assistance or have questions.