Interview Process and Information

Virtual Interview/Scheduling

For this season, PM&R will be conducting all interviews virtually to promote safe but effective practices in recruitment in the wake of COVID-19. With this, our aim is to create an entire interview process that was seamless for our candidates while adhering to the policies set in place. To do this, PM&R will utilize both zoom and the program Thalamus. This progam serves as an important tool for candidates selected for interviews as it is a secure and reliable connection to our availability, communications, and more. 

Helpful Instructions Regarding Thalamus:
Once selected for interview, candidates receive an email inviting them to schedule their interview date(s) through Thalamus. Once a candidate clicks the link, they will follow all proper steps for scheduling.

  • Create Your Profile: confirm your information and set up your profile
  • Schedule Your Interview: availability, preferred dates, easy changes, and the Smart Calendar will allow for flexible scheduling. If your perferred date is unavailable, you can also waitlist yourself for future opportunities (candidates will be notified when a spot becomes available based on the time stamp for which they waitlisted - first come, first serve basis).
  • Additional Features: be sure to explore the additonal features that can help facilitate travel plans, weather, contact information, and more. We will also be using this platform for all virtual interactions. 
  • Application: Thalamus offers an app for Apple and Android devices 
  • Be sure to schedule within 48 hours of receiving your invitation, otherwise we cannot guarantee a spot will be available after that point. 
  • Video Conferencing: we will be using zoom for our interview and informational sessions, and this will be provided in tandem with the thalamus information. 

Interview Information

Prior to interviewing, all prospective interview candidates are encouraged to visit the UK GME Prospective Residents and Fellows page to reveiw information related to the following:

  • Stipends & Benefits
  • Contracts
  • GME Policies and Proceedures
  • Interview Acknowledgement and Release of Information Forms
Please note this information is updated by our GME office, and questions regarding these should be directed to their preferred contact. 


This year, our interview dates are on various Thursdays and Fridays, from Nov. - Jan. If invited to interview, you will be able to self-schedule in Thalamus and see what specific dates are offered and choose which is best for you. 

Evening Prior to Interviews

The evening prior to interviews, candidates are invited to participate in the "Resident Meet & Greet" hosted on Zoom. From 7 - 8:30pm EST, candidates will get to socialize with residents from our program and ask questions in a casual setting. This meet & greet is residents and candidates only, and while it's optional it's too much fun to miss out on! 

Interview Day Schedule

Our interview days were completely virtual for all candidates this year. In order to accomodate those from multiple time zones, our interview days are from 10am - 4pm EST (respectively), allowing for 10 candidates per day. During an interview day, candidates have the opportunity to interview with multple faculty, meet residents and the program coordinator, hear from the program director, and more. A generic schedule is below:


Login into Zoom

10 - 11:30 AM EST

Welcome from the Program Director/Site & Tour Discussion

11:30 - 12:30 PM EST

Break for Lunch

12:30 - 3:20 PM EST

Interview Sessions (Breaks Included)

3:20 PM EST

Final Questions

3:30 PM

Candidates are Free to Log Out of Zoom

Once a canddiate has scheduled their interview date, an intenerary will be generated in Thalamus with all the necessary information. Candidates will recieve these prior to their interview date. 

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