We at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine understand the diversity among our residents and faculty members, and appreciate all of the intricacies that make each of them unique. As such, we have developed a wellness initiative and task force team aiming to pursue all dimensions of wellness:  occupational, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, financial, and emotional. 

We are tackling specific issues that are draining productivity by eliminating “no value” situations, while encouraging physical fitness to increase endurance and efficiency. We pride ourselves on having a culture of camaraderie, inspiring the manifestation of new connections and stronger relationships. We offer our residents true protected academic time and an external study program. In addition to intellectual, physical, and social wellbeing, we at UK PM&R understand the need for job and life satisfaction to manage stress, focusing on a great work-life balance.

Traditional approaches to wellbeing in the workplace have historically not been successful.  Our team aims for a new approach to go beyond wellness, pursuing the true potential of all residents and faculty. The strongest physician is a well physician and we are proud of the transformation taking place at UK PM&R.

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